About Us

My name is Robert Mitchell, I’ve been in the music business  for over 30 years, performing, selling and repairing digital pianos, keyboards and organs. My passion has always been music and electronics. I started my carrer in music after high school as a keyboardist in various rock bands, however my main source of income was working in a hi-tech factory where my electronic studies started. After being let go from the hi-tech industry, I pursued my love of music by starting to work as a keyboard salesman while maintaining my electronic studies. As the world of electronic music became more integrated with computers via MIDI, I found myself helping customers in a world of complex hi-tech digital keyboards, drum machines, mixers, amplifiers, audio effects, MIDI peripherals  and computer hardware and software. With a vast knowledge of electronics, I was always able to diagnose and  repair any faulty equipment. I started my repair business while working at Campbell Douglas Keyboards providing repair services to our customers. I currently handle all electronics repairs and services at Campbell Douglas Keyboards.